Last year’s conference took place from November 16th – 18th in Danvers, Massachusetts. More details about the conference, including the program and presentations, are available below.

Conference Goals:

Our goal is Moving Forward! We will reflect on the past few years and examine how our world has changed since then. We will bring together justice professionals, treatment/recovery specialists, and community partners to identify principles and practical solutions that will strengthen the region’s response to addiction and facilitate the expansion of recovery and treatment courts over the next 25 years.

Participants will be able to:

  • Receive an update on current status of treatment and recovery courts including veterans courts and come away with in depth understanding of them, understand how Covid-19 has affected their ability to serve clients and learn about effective past, present, future responses
  • Discuss current effective drug court cognitive models and be familiar with responses to integrative care
  • Learn about the fundamentals of drug court and Veteran courts operations as well as responses in the face of fundamental changes during this pandemic and into the future
  • Identify the basis of recovery management as an enhancement to other treatment modalities
  • Understand how to improve case outcomes using Evidence Based Practice and case management tools in introductory and advanced drug court and Veterans Court operations
  • Promote peer and expert exchanges to provide support to treatment and recovery courts